Temporary-to-hire placement gives employers the opportunity to evaluate the potential employee with hands-on projects before making a hiring decision. We do all the work in recruiting by, evaluating your business needs and company culture to find the best-fit linguist to meld with your staff.

Before we get started, we’ll establish a time-frame for the evaluation and position fulfillment process. During this time, the employee is on our payroll, so you don’t have to worry about the administrative operations. If, at the end of the agreed-upon time frame, you do choose to hire the employee, we will walk you and the employee through the paperwork of the transition process.

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Applying for a Temporary Position

The diversity of California provides dozens of language opportunities from San Francisco to San Diego. However, we often tell our applicants not to be discouraged if they are not “chosen.” Remember, there is a possibility of a permanent position, not a guarantee.  There are times when an employer has high hopes of hiring a permanent staff member but cannot due to budgetary or other reasons.

We encourage you to make connections and build your network in the field. That is the best way to find the position of your dreams. For more information, please give us a call at 858-275-2568.

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